It’s almost time for school to start again. This summer has been crazy for me, you guys. We sold our house, moved, went on an ill-timed vacation, moved into a new house, went on ANOTHER ill-timed vacation, then had our tire give out on the way home and had to drive 200 miles on a spare. Whew!

Oh and I’ve had 4 books come out so far with another coming out in a week. (Make sure you grabbed the free books in my new series HERE and HERE)


So it’s fair to say that I’ll be kind of glad to see summer end so I can get back to normal. Whatever that means! I really hope you guys have had a great summer and got to do something fun. Or even if you didn’t, at least didn’t have any catastrophes happen, hahaha! Sometimes that’s all that we can hope for!


Anyway, in the midst of all that, most of you know that the Alexanders last book released in March (JUST ONE THING: Bennett Alexander’s story) and it’s been a bittersweet thing to say goodbye to the family that started it all. But there were a few threads in Bennett’s book that hinted at trouble between Jackson and Ridley and SURPRISE, they are getting a bonus novella!




All Ridley Alexander has ever wanted is the life she has now: a devoted husband, children to love and a home of her own. So what’s the problem? While pregnant she’s gained a lot of weight and her usually insatiable husband is suddenly interested in anything but seeing her naked.

As much as it hurts, all she needs is for Jackson to pretend that he finds her as sexy as he used to, even if it’s not true. Now with a little advice from her meddlesome twin, she has a plan to seduce her own husband.

This novella is a companion piece to JUST ONE THING, the sixth book in The Alexanders series by M. Malone.



I am so excited for this!


The novella is in edits right now so it’ll be coming out in a few weeks (faster if I get it back quicker). I’m thrilled to finally be able to share this with you guys! Jack + Ri are back! Hehehe In the meantime, I plan to use what’s left of this crazy summer to catch up on reading.


Here are some of the books on my TBR list.


( Links for The Room Mate: Amazon / Amazon UKiBooks Google PlayNookKobo  )






( Links for Beautiful Mistake – AmazonAmazon UKiBooks / Google PlayNookKobo  )





(Links for The Knocked Up Plan – AmazonAmazon UK / iBooks / Google PlayNookKobo  )




What are you reading right now? Give me your suggestions for what I should read before homework season starts again. (yikes!)