I only had one job.
Take care of my best friend’s baby sister.
It was the last thing I promised him, and I always keep my promises.
Lucia DeMarco has other plans. For one, she hates me. Doesn’t trust me. How can I protect a girl who can’t trust me? For another, she’s digging into my past. And if she discovers what I’ve been hiding, I’ll lose any chance.
I can’t let that happen. Because she’s all I see at night when I close my eyes. She’s all I think about all day.
I just found out Lucia’s going on a date.
So I’m making another promise–he’s not gonna get the girl.
I was supposed to look out for Lucia.
My best friend’s baby sister. 
The woman I was falling for.
But she won’t allow that any more. Now that she knows my secret, she hates me. The guilt and shame I carry around is bad enough. Seeing the distrust in her eyes just might kill me before my enemies have a chance.
Now I have two jobs.
Find a way to protect Lucia, whether she knows it or not.
And get the girl back.
When Lucia discovered my secret, it changed everything. 
Now she knows that I’m a liar. 
What she doesn’t know is why.

Everything she thought she knew about the night that changed both our lives has been turned upside down. She has no idea who to trust, but there is one thing I won’t let her forget…

I will do anything to keep those I love safe.
And I love her above all. 


A Shameless Bonus

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A thank you to all the fans of The Shameless Trilogy!

Meet the Men of Blake Security: read introductions from Noah, Jonas and Matthias!

Bonus Scenes: read alternate points of view on some of your favorite scenes from Shameless and Shameful. You’ll hear from JJ, Matthias and there’s one special scene from a character you will NEVER expect. (major spoilers btw)

Also includes extended excerpts from SHAMELESS and FORCE.

THANK YOU all for your amazing support of Malone Squared. We truly appreciate it. And we can’t wait to hear what you think of the series we have coming next *wink*




iBooks / Amazon / Amazon UK
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Kindle AUS / Kindle CA / Kindle DE
Kindle ES / Kindle FR / Kindle IT

Five years ago my brother was killed right in front of me and I was forced to make a decision that has haunted me ever since. I lost one protector but I gained another. Noah has always taken care of me.

Then I find out that he’s keeping secrets.

*Contains an exclusive excerpt of Shameless*