So what is this Patreon thing exactly?

In a nutshell, it’s a fast-pass to the inside of my brain which I swear is not as creepy as it sounds. 😂

Patrons get an exclusive peek into how my mind works (fair warning, it’s a mess in here!) and get to read everything I write first. 

This means work-in-progress chapters, ideas I’m considering to write next, and chances to revisit your favorite characters from past books. But best of all (IMO) is that you get all kinds of exclusive goodies, from short stories, novellas, bonus scenes, and even a Patreon exclusive novel that isn’t available for sale anywhere.

Basically, you will get to see everything my crazy imagination comes up with before anyone else 🥰

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Eli Alexander is back from the longest business trip ever when he discovers he’s alone with his wife for the 1st time in months. Kay fell asleep on the couch waiting for him. He could just carry her to bed. Or he could give her the forbidden fantasy that she’s been asking for…

The deadline is looming for Josie’s next photography show. Zack wants to give her the world but all the money he has can’t bring back her muse. But maybe fulfilling a long-held fantasy on the hood of a muscle car will spark more than just her creativity…

Another man wanted his wife. He had seen the way the hotel owner watched her. Jackson knew exactly how crazy desire could make a man– he was stalking his own wife, after all. Which meant it was time for him to remind his wife exactly who she belonged to…

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Thinking about trying a dating app? My advice- don’t. Seriously, save yourself. If I wasn’t on a dating app, I never would have been hiding in the bathroom of an Italian restaurant to avoid the most aggressive of Crypto Bros. And I never would have called the one person who always bails me out. August Gordon.

Once upon a time he was the adorkable guy who helped me with my biology homework. Now he is six-foot one with eyes like a dream. Now he’s the guy who kissed me on the forehead before saying something that made Crypto Bro look scared for his life.

Nope. This is not happening. I am not falling for my best friend. Because things between us have always been easy. Uncomplicated. But if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s complicating things.

+ + The first Patreon serialized novel, BANG, has now started!  


My love life is a disaster. Clearly I’ve pissed off the dating gods. Between getting ghosted and guys who can’t even *ahemget it up, I have pretty much given up on finding love. But my friends seem to think that as a bartender, I have the perfect hunting ground for finding a hookup.

Too bad the only man I really want is behind the bar with me.

If dating a customer is a bad idea, dating my boss is the worst. But one night after closing proves that the dating gods aren’t done with me yet.



I adore my wife. We’re a perfect match. Maybe that’s why I’m so surprised to see “the text”.

Don’t judge me. You’d read your wife’s messages too if she was texting a guy who looks like The Rock.

Who the hell is this guy? And exactly what does he think he can give my wife that I can’t?


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Ever since we got married, life has been perfect. Andre is still the reigning king of the fashion world and I am getting closer to getting my degree. Then two little lines change everything…

But when my husband comes home with life-changing news, for the first time our “perfect life” is put to the test. Andre is on the verge of realizing one of his biggest dreams. What will matter more, the lure of Hollywood or the comfort of home?



Every day was the same until my sister went missing. No one else seemed to notice, but I was determined to find out what was going on. I never could have guessed that I would end up wandering lost and alone, be chased through an enchanted forest and finally have to battle a monster to save a damsel in distress!

But at the end of it all, I will have not only discovered my true inner courage but found my forever home.

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Excerpt of “The Text”



People love to describe marriage like a prison sentence. 

Getting hitched.

Settling down. 

The ole’ ball and chain. 

It’s no wonder so many relationships fail. They’re doomed from the start. 

But in my experience being married has been like the world’s longest sleepover with an extremely hot friend. I’m not proud to admit it but for a long time I was waiting for something to go wrong. I figured Mya would start doing something gross to turn me off, like clipping her toenails in bed or chewing with her mouth open. But it’s been over a year and she’s still the same smart, funny ball-busting bundle that has kept me on my toes since the day we met.

Maybe that’s why it’s such a surprise when I see “the text”. 

It’s a Saturday morning and we are doing the same thing we do every weekend. I’m in bed scrolling social media while Mya snores away next to me. I don’t think anything of it when her phone alarm goes off. We’re both busy people juggling multiple demanding ad accounts at work. Having your phone glued to your side is part of the job and we live and die by appointments and alarms. But despite the alarm blaring right next to her ear, Mya doesn’t stir.  

“Babe, wake up.” I kiss the bare shoulder exposed by the blanket and chuckle when she yanks it over her head.

The alarm is still going so I reach over her to shut it off. That’s when a message comes through and I accidentally click it.

Jorge: We’re still meeting this morning, right?

Now, I would normally never read my wife’s messages but it’s literally right in front of my face. Come on, what would you do? 

I don’t think anyone would be able to resist scrolling up if their wife was messaging a guy with a profile picture that looks vaguely like The Rock’s more handsome brother.

So I scroll up and see that Mya has been messaging him since last week.

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