Just One Thing Cover 2021


From NYT Bestselling author M. MALONE, comes a cheeky new romantic comedy of errors.

Bennett Alexander is a bonafide genius. He runs his family’s farming cooperative, speaks four languages and is about to apply for his tenth patent. But the one thing he never mastered is how to be cool. His childhood friend Olivia is the only one who “gets” him.

Katie Mason is in over her head. Taking care of her two kids and dealing with the aftermath of her divorce leaves her exhausted at the end of every day. By the time she realizes her ex-husband left her with a mountain of bills, she’ll take any job available, including working for the strange, brilliant man who scrambles her brain whenever they meet.

When Bennett hires her, the task is simple: teach him to act normal so he can win the heart of his first love. But there’s just one thing: Katie seems to like him exactly the way he is. Now he needs to figure out how to make teacher + student = 4ever.

**OLIVIA’s story is told in BAD KING