A heartwarming romantic comedy about two complete opposites on a quest to discover the formula for dating success. A standalone romance in a USA TODAY bestselling series.

Bennett Alexander is a scientist, an inventor and speaks four languages but the intricacies of the social contract are something he’s never mastered. His childhood friend, Olivia, is the only one who understands him but he has no idea how to go from friends to lovers. If only love could be like one of his lab experiments; start with a hypothesis, control the variables and then test until you find a solution.

Katie Mason is everything he is not. Warm, funny and beloved by his entire family, she’s also a single mother desperate for a job after a painful divorce. With her help, Bennett decides to run the most important experiment of his life. Katie will be the control and with her help, he will test how to modify his behavior. Once he finds the formula for attraction, he might have a shot at being the kind of guy a woman could fall for.

With Katie as his teacher, they embark on a series of unorthodox dating lessons. Soon she has him doing the craziest things from going on fake dinner dates to reading fantasy novels to having…fun.

From what he can tell, there’s just one thing wrong with his experiment – the fact that Katie seems to like him exactly the way he is.

What’s a brilliant scientist to do when he suspects that he’s falling in love?