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This has been a wild year. When Nana Malone and I decided to team up last year, we never could have predicted how our Shameless trilogy would blow up. It’s been overwhelming and amazing. After the trilogy, we knew we had to bring our A-game again for the follow-up and I’m thrilled to discover that readers are loving #FORCE just as much as the previous books.


JJ was a HUGE fan favorite from the Shameless trilogy due to her smart mouth and take-no-bullshit attitude. Here’s one of my favorite scenes from #Force

The local bars were hopping for a Wednesday, filled with people who wanted to catch up with friends over dinner and drinks. As she passed a few, she could see couples sitting close together, heads bent towards each other or holding hands.

Would that ever be her? Not that she cared about any of that stuff. She wasn’t interested in holding some guy’s hand as they strolled around Central Park. Boring. She wasn’t really a family and baby sort of person.

Except, you are.

Okay, fine. She was slightly green with envy whenever she saw Noah and Lucia together. And then with the baby. That was the icing on the jealousy cake. And it wasn’t real jealousy. It was more of a could-she-ever-have-that-herself? kind of pang. She knew the answer to that already.


And she wasn’t hiding from her past. But every time she got close to someone, the nightmares would start, and she remembered what it was like to trust someone who did nothing but hurt her day after day. And she wasn’t interested in that any more.

So she’d dated a slew of guys that were never, ever going to go anywhere. She’d even dated a couple of guys that tried to go somewhere. Hell, one had actually proposed, and there was one she thought she might care about. But she couldn’t love any of them. Every single one of them left her cold. Well, they left her bed warm for a moment or two, but after that she didn’t really want to be with them.

Because none of them gets your blood pumping like Jonas does.

Dammit. She’d promised herself she wasn’t going to think about him right now. Although maybe that’s just what she needed. A fight with him, and then ten minutes of battery-operated boyfriend, and she’d be out of her little funk. Actually, that didn’t sound like a bad idea.

Yeah, she was pathetic. But she had to take her pleasure somewhere. As she passed an empty boutique with the mannequin lit in the storefront window, the hairs on the back of her neck stood. JJ frowned, swearing she saw a shadow in the window, but when she turned around to look there was nobody there. Across the street a couple kissed. The guy picked the girl up and she kicked her feet out like a movie picture poster. It was cute. And not for you.

Still unable to shake her unease, she considered a cab but opted against it. She’d be at the penthouse soon. But she did start walking faster. When she rounded the corner at the next street, she heard footsteps tracking hers, moving at the same fast clip. A shiver ran up her spine.

She looked around again, and there was no one there, but a shadow slipped around the corner behind her. “Listen asshole, you should know I have a Taser. And a dick. You’re going to be very unhappy if you try to do anything to me.” She reached in her purse for some kind of weapon, but all she came up with was … Oh, hell. Her vibrator. Well, technically Lucia’s. Lucia had gotten it as a gag gift a while ago, but she’d been too scared to actually use it. The thing was HUGE! And purple. Honestly, no one’s vagina could accommodate that monster.

She’d tossed it in her cavernous purse the day before the fire and had never taken the thing out. Well now it was her weapon, and hey, look at that. It was actually a dick, so that part was true. Maybe she could get Matthias to rig it as some kind of Taser too.

While it might do the trick to get her off—hey, sometimes she needed to take the Jonas edge off—it was not gonna do much against a would be attacker.

What was she gonna do, orgasm him to death? La petite mort indeed. Fuck it, she was ready for this asshole.

But there was no one there.

Jesus, she was losing it. She turned back to head to the penthouse, and stopped short, even as the knot of fear lodged in her throat.

She thought she recognized the car that had pulled up on the corner across the street, as well as the man driving it. This meant trouble. She only had one choice: run faster.



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