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  • Blue-Collar Billionaires

    Inheriting billions from the deadbeat dad they never knew sounds pretty sweet. Until they find out what he really wants in exchange.

    Start the series with Book 1, TANK.

    It was just a job. Get close to the billionaire’s son. Easy enough. He’s a bad boy and totally not my type.

    I never expected to fall for him.

    I have a plan.

    Stay away from men and graduate college. That’s pretty much it. So far I haven’t let anything stop me. Not my horrible boss, my sister’s pervy boyfriend, or the fact that I can’t afford it.

    Then I get an offer I can’t refuse. A million dollars for helping an old, eccentric billionaire connect with his estranged son. Easy. How hard can it be to convince a guy to give his old man another chance?

    Pretty hard it turns out since the guy in question is Tank Marshall, the only man who drives me crazy and makes me want to forget about all my plans. Tank is blunt, crass and pretty much everything I don’t want in a man. But he’s also honest, loyal, and has an unexpected soft spot for rescue cats.

    Just who IS this guy?

    And why am I suddenly unsure exactly what a million dollars is worth?