The Things I Do for You (Ebook)

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Nick leaned forward. “Is that why having a baby is so important to you?”

She immediately tensed up and set her drink down on the table. “You are relentless!”

“That’s why you should just tell me. The faster you tell me, the faster we can move on to finding a solution.”

“Not everything has a solution, Nick. This isn’t a business deal.” She pushed her hair back and rubbed her hands over her face. It killed him to see her looking so tired. So defeated.

“If you don’t tell me, then I’m just going to work with the facts I have. Let’s see…” He pretended to think. “I find a brochure for a sperm bank that does not belong to my brother and Ridley. Since you were the only other person on the patio that day, it must have been yours. But that doesn’t make sense since last I knew you were engaged. What am I missing?”

Raina glared at him. “Fine. Since you apparently aren’t going to stop until I tell you everything, consider yourself warned. I hope you’re not the type to get squeamish when talking about girl stuff.”

Nick leaned over and took her hand again and held it fast when she tried to pull back. “Raina, this is not high school. Despite our past, I want to know that you’re okay. If that involves talking about feminine stuff, then so be it. So, why would you need a sperm donor when you had a fiancé?”

Raina stood and he let her. She didn’t look at him as she walked over to the window. She stood there so long that he wondered if she was reconsidering her decision to talk. She finally turned to face him. 

“I have a condition called endometriosis. I won’t bore you with the details.” 

“Nothing about you bores me, Raina.”

“Anyway, bottom line is that I’m a ticking time bomb. Every month that passes where I’m not pregnant means it’s less likely I’ll get to be a mother. A baby is all I want.” 

“Did Steven not want children?”

“No, he said he did. We weren’t in love but we both wanted the same things. Partnership. Family. Children. Marriages built on common goals have higher success rates. It made sense to get married and start trying right away. My doctor gave me a bunch of brochures about in vitro fertilization, egg donation, and surrogacy just so that I could be informed. Turns out I’ll actually need them now.”

She turned away and he realized she was wiping away tears. The sight of her crying sent a paralyzing wave of fear through Nick.

“Oh, sweetheart. Please don’t cry.” The endearment slipped out before he could catch himself. 

“Sorry. Ugh, I hate crying. As awful as it sounds, I’m less upset about Steven and more heartbroken over losing my dream.” 

“What if you could still have it?” 

“I don’t think Steven is going to change his mind.” Raina laughed bitterly. “Not that I’d want him to. We were supposed to have a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. If I wanted someone who’d cheat and lie I could just have a normal relationship.”

It was all he could do not to growl. “I’m not talking about Steven. And we’ll have to talk about your shitty relationship expectations later. But I’m saying what if someone else offered to help you out?”

He debated the best way to present his idea to her. He could do what he really wanted to do, which was fall to one knee and tell her he adored her. But their interactions had proven time and time again that Raina didn’t respond well to romantic gestures from him. If he told her he loved her, she’d probably just assume he was trying to get in her panties and just saying what he thought she wanted to hear. 

There was only one thing he hadn’t tried. She freely admitted that she hadn’t loved her fiancé and was just marrying him because it “made sense.” Well, Nick would be damned if she considered that guy a better bet than him. It was going to kill him to play it cool, but if pretending their interaction was just a business deal got him what he wanted, then he wasn’t above a little deception. 

“Help me out? How likely is that? It’s not like I’m asking to borrow a cup of sugar, Nick! How many men would offer to father my child?”

Nick stood and thrust his hands in his pockets, aware that his next words would change his life forever.

“You’re looking at one.”

Features Audie nominated and Earphones Award winning Narrator Eva Kaminsky! 

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An enemies-to-lovers tale about the things a man will do for the woman he hates to love. A standalone romance in a USA TODAY bestselling series. Over 100,000+ copies sold!

Nicholas Alexander doesn’t mind being called a playboy. His charm serves him well in business and a beautiful woman is always on his arm. Except the one he’s in love with. As difficult as she is beautiful, she’s completely out of his league.

Raina Winters is not the kind of girl you bring home to mama. She isn’t a sweetheart like her twin, works way too much and thinks love is a scam created by greeting card companies to sell flowers and chocolate. Her fiancé understands that she will never be the apron-wearing wifey baking cupcakes.

Or at least she thought he did. Until he’s plastered on the front of a tabloid sucking face with his ex-wife. It’s humiliating enough to be dumped right before her wedding, but she’s more upset about losing the one thing she wanted from marriage. A baby.

When Nick learns about Raina’s dilemma, his first instinct is to leave her hanging like she left him after their steamy one-night stand. But he finally has something Raina needs, so he offers her a deal. He’ll give her a baby if she gives him something he desires just as much.

Just two little words.

I. Do.

Warning: This book contains encounters with a drunken Elvis, pushy mamas, tabloid shenanigans, monster muffins and smoking hot chemistry between two people who aren’t even sure they like each other. Just saying…