• Is the end in sight?

    I sent my first erotic novella entitled “The Djinni” off to a publisher and got an extremely helpful email from the editorial director with a list of corrections and improvements to be made before I resubmit. I’m so excited! It’s one of my favorite e-book pubs for erotic romance and I would love to have my book published with them. I have been working around the clock for the last week to make as many of the changes as I can. Hopefully I’ll have time to send it to my critique partner and get her comments on the changes as well.

    Keep your fingers crossed for me!


  • Jury Duty rocks! I reported for duty at the courthouse, and the lawyers only had to choose 7 people, so I was one of the lucky who got to go home (with $30 and a day off work to boot). Strangely enough I have no idea what to do with myself now that I’m home. I could go to the movies but everything out is crap. I could go shopping but I don’t want to spend a lot of money. What the hell do people do when they don’t work everyday?

    Still – a free day off, gotta love it.


  • There was a problem with the metro and I didn’t get home until almost 8pm. As soon as I think that I’ll actually have time for myself, something always happens. It seems to be a cosmic joke that’s always on me. I’m not ungrateful. I see bums on the street everyday and I thank God that at least I have a roof over my head. I just wish it wasn’t all or nothing. It seems like you either work all the time or you don’t work at all. The working part time thing never seems to work out I’ve noticed.

    Just a few random thoughts.