• I finally sold The Djinni!

    I’ve accepted a contract offer from Triskelion!!! I’ve been communicating with the executive editor, the amazing Gail Northman, directly and she has shown so much enthusiasm for my novel that she made the offer even though she’d only read 5 chapters and knew I had the full out somewhere else.

    Did I have the normal reaction you ask: crying, screaming, ingesting copious amounts of chocolate/pizza/champagne? No.

    Instead I almost threw up. Such is my life, LOL!

    It’s a 43,000 word multicultural erotic paranormal(what a mouthful) called The Djinni. I’m sure they’ll change the title to something more seductive though. Anyway – Check out my website to see the blurb and I’ll be updating it with more information as soon as I have it.


  • McSleazy?

    It seems by some random quirk of the universe that I’ve found a television show I actually like. Usually after watching TV I just feel cheated, as if someone has stolen a random hour of my life which I can never get back. But whether it’s the hot guys, the gratuitous sex or the sometimes absurd medical cases, I LOVE Grey’s Anatomy.

    Maybe it’s the lingo. McDreamy, McSteamy, Christina calling McDreamy “McGuilty” – and my sister and I have started calling Burke McJiggy in honor of his now famous trembling hand. My favorite lingo moment is when George and Meredith decide to act as de facto best friends since Izzie and Christina are too busy and George refers to Derek as a “McBastard”. That was priceless.

    My husband hates it. I think he hates it because I love it so much, but he claims it’s because all they do is sleep with each other. He calls it McSleazy. He’s priceless :)>

    I know it’s completely unrealistic. I mean seriously, what are the odds that ANYONE would get a brain tumor and end up with a neurosurgeon like Patrick Dempsey? My luck, I would get cancer and end up with a doc who looks like Patrick Stewart (Prof X from Xmen)

    Well, I can dream can’t I?


  • Golden Heart Nightmare

    Well, I never thought it would turn into such a drama when I first decided to enter the Golden Heart Contest this year. Of course, eternal optimist that I am, I completely underestimated the time it would take to get the entry ready. I made all the requisite copies of the partial manuscript and synopsis and was ready to mail it off Saturday morning when I realized something.

    I’d left the manuscript name out of the header.

    The Golden Heart has become known for disqualifying entrants if they stray even one whit from the stated formatting requirements, so I drove to Staples and got new copies made. Easy right? Not exactly. My formatting didn’t carry over correctly on the disk I had brought with me so the first batch of printouts were now missing the page number in the header. Another required element.

    The guy at Staples was super helpful, even fixed the header for me, although I’m sure technically they aren’t supposed to alter customer files in any way. But still I spent over an hour in Staples and then another half hour at the Post Office to overnight the entry to Texas. Not my idea of fun.

    At least it’s over – until the next contest anyway.