It seems by some random quirk of the universe that I’ve found a television show I actually like. Usually after watching TV I just feel cheated, as if someone has stolen a random hour of my life which I can never get back. But whether it’s the hot guys, the gratuitous sex or the sometimes absurd medical cases, I LOVE Grey’s Anatomy.

Maybe it’s the lingo. McDreamy, McSteamy, Christina calling McDreamy “McGuilty” – and my sister and I have started calling Burke McJiggy in honor of his now famous trembling hand. My favorite lingo moment is when George and Meredith decide to act as de facto best friends since Izzie and Christina are too busy and George refers to Derek as a “McBastard”. That was priceless.

My husband hates it. I think he hates it because I love it so much, but he claims it’s because all they do is sleep with each other. He calls it McSleazy. He’s priceless :)>

I know it’s completely unrealistic. I mean seriously, what are the odds that ANYONE would get a brain tumor and end up with a neurosurgeon like Patrick Dempsey? My luck, I would get cancer and end up with a doc who looks like Patrick Stewart (Prof X from Xmen)

Well, I can dream can’t I?