Where do ideas come from? I was at a happy hour in DC last night (completely unrelated story) and someone asked where I get my ideas from. This is a question posed to writers quite often, in fact this is THE question posed to writers in general.

I have no answer.

I get ideas in line at the grocery store. I get ideas when I’m trying to get them and even when I’m not trying to get them. I assure you there is nothing more inconvenient than visualizing the perfect end to a story or imagining a particularly witty piece of dialogue only to discover that the only paper available to you is a tissue. Not necessarily a clean tissue either. You see my point.

People seem to think there is some magestic place writers go whereupon they are mystically imbued with creative, colorful and dramatic ideas which serve as the basis for their novels. Unfortunately this is not so.

If there was such a place I would go there everyday and I fear I would never leave. Until then, I will remain here in the real world where we get ideas from just living our lives and trying to see the good and the bad in it.