So for those who haven’t been keeping up with me on social media, YUP, I’ve started writing paranormal again. I actually was published in paranormal first and after ten years of contemporary, I missed it. Thank you guys so much for supporting my new series! I know it’s unexpected coming from me but hey, sometimes a girl just needs to do something different 🙂

(P.S. Don’t worry, all my usual contemporary books are still in process. I’m not abandoning them!)

Anyway, here’s a quick excerpt from NATHAN’S HEART (Book 1 of the Brotherhood of Bandits series)

* * * * EXCERPT of Nathan’s Heart ©2016 Minx Malone

She chose a direction at random and started walking. Hopefully she’d hit a main road and could find someone willing to call the police on her behalf. Mimi probably hadn’t even realized she was missing yet. It was a scary thought, the idea that no one knew where she was. What was her life worth if she could be kidnapped and no one even noticed? It was like she was completely invisible, screaming at the top of her lungs but not making a sound.

Nate would notice, her stupid silly heart whispered.

Even if Nate seemed nice, the truth was there were way too many holes in his story. There was something going on with him and history had taught her that when a man was evasive, he was hiding something.

“Hey! Who are you?”

She spun around, her bare feet slipping slightly in the muddy grass. A man stood a few feet behind her glaring at her. He was good-looking and tall with dark blond hair. He was also pissed.

“I’m lost. I was just looking for the road.”

She thought that sounded like a completely plausible story but his face twisted in disbelief.

“Nice try. There are no roads anywhere near here. How the hell did you find us? Who sent you?”

Stunned by his angry manner, she turned and ran in the other direction. There was a strange crackling sound behind her and she glanced over her shoulder. Her mouth fell open but no sound came out.

In the field behind her, the man was gone and a huge gold dragon stood watching her. He flapped his wings and flew over her, landing in the field on the other side cutting off her only avenue of escape. Evie screamed as the force of the wind generated by his massive wings hit her like a wave.

She dropped to her knees and instinctively covered her head.


Nate’s voice, colored with fear and anger, sounded behind her. Even though she was pretty sure he was a criminal who may or may not have kidnapped her, she didn’t want him to get eaten by a monster. She managed to stumble to her feet then and ran back toward him.

“Run, Nate!”

He was obviously either really brave or really stupid because he kept running in her direction. She looked back at the huge dragon now advancing slowly behind her, looking even scarier the closer he got. Evie whimpered when he roared, emitting a long stream of fire that came so close she felt the heat on her face. Running faster, she ducked as something whizzed over her head.

Confused, she looked around for Nate but he was gone. Maybe he’d taken her advice and run back to the house. When she finally reached the threshold of his door, she looked behind her and gaped.
There were now two dragons flying overhead. Streams of fire burst from both of them but then one of them flew away. The other circled in the air, flying lower and lower. Then the huge body shimmered and shrank into itself and Nate landed on his feet directly in front of her, completely nude. He blinked at her with gold-slitted eyes.

Evie fainted.