With this Ring (Ebook)

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Short Story Collection

Ridley glanced over at her sister. Usually Raina was the one dragging her feet and constantly late but her sister had been completely professional the entire morning. She’d even volunteered to drive them over to the Alexanders’ house. It was an unexpected but welcome surprise. After all, it wasn’t every day that a girl got married.

Ridley had made the decision to skip a big, fancy wedding and just get married after seeing how happy her sister was with her husband. Raina and Nick had gone to Vegas to get married and hadn’t been able to keep their hands off each other since they returned. Something about it had struck Ridley as incredibly romantic. Not the part with the preacher dressed as Elvis but the part where you didn’t care about anything but being bound to the man you loved. She was all for that.

As if she could sense her thoughts, Raina looked over and grinned. “You know, there’s something really special about just jumping in and doing it this way.”

“There is?”

“Yeah. Since you planned everything in such a short time frame, you kept all the stress contained.”

For months, Ridley had stressed about having the perfect flowers, the right venue and who to invite. Now she was wearing a dress from a discount store, the flowers would be whatever was in season and she wasn’t even entirely sure who had been invited. The best part? She didn’t really care!

“I’m getting married today!”

Raina laughed at her sudden squeal of excitement.

NOTE: This is a TTS (text-to-speech) audio for the blind & visually impaired. This is not human narration.

The Alexanders and Friends

  • 1 – One More Day
  • 2 – The Things I Do for You
  • 3 – All I Want –  prequel  
  • 4 – All I Need is You
  • 5 – Just One Thing
  • 6 – One More Chance
  • 7 – With This Ring –  short stories
  • 8 – Birthday Cake (The Simmons)
  • 9 – He’s the Man (The Simmons)
  • 10 – Say You Will (The Simmons)

With This Ring contains short stories from the USA TODAY bestselling Alexanders series. It is best read after Book 1, One More Day.

The day has finally come. Ridley Wells is just a few hours away from everything she has ever wanted.

Today, her wedding day, she’s getting a family. A devoted husband, children she loves as her own and a truckload of meddlesome cousins. All she has to do is get down the aisle without anything going wrong. 

How hard could that be?

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