With This Ring M. Malone

  • The day has finally come. Ridley Wells is just a few hours away from everything she has ever wanted. Today, her wedding day, she's getting a family. A devoted husband, children she loves as her own and a truckload of meddlesome cousins. All she has to do is get down the aisle without anything going wrong.  How hard could that be? With This Ring contains short stories from the USA TODAY bestselling Alexanders series. It is best read after Book 1, One More Day.

The Things I Do for You BONUS

The Bachelor Party

All I Want

Birthday Cake

One More Chance

He's the Man He’s the Man

  • Matt Simmons is over Army doctors poking him until he sees his old babysitter, now a physical therapist, is h-o-t. Suddenly he's seeing the benefits of therapy.

One More Day One More Day

  • “Good girl” Ridley has always attracted bad guys. Now she’s on the run and has nowhere to hide. So when Jackson Alexander mistakes her for her twin, she decides to do something she knows is wrong. She lies.

Beg Me

  • My rooster is on strike. Yeah, I can’t believe it either. But he’ll only crow for one woman.  Spoiler Alert *she hates me*