Confused about where to start? No worries. Most of my books are written so they can be read in any order, however here is my recommended reading order.

Mess with Me is a romantic comedy series. These are completely independent of my other series so they are the easiest to start with.

1. Beg Me
2. Ask Me
3. Need Me
4. Want Me

The Alexanders is the series that started it all and most of the others branch from here. These books are steamy contemporary romances about a Virginian family that raised their four sons on the family farm.

1. One More Day
2. The Things I Do For You
2.5 All I Want (for Christmas)
3. All I Need is You
4. Just One Thing
4.5 One More Chance

Then move on to The Simmons. These books were originally part of the Alexanders series and the stories overlap.

1. Birthday Cake
2. He’s the Man
3. Say You Will

Then you can move on to Bad Business. The first book Bad King shares a timeline with Book 4 of The Alexanders (Just One Thing).

1. Bad King
2. Bad Blood (RITA® winner)

The Blue-Collar Billionaires take place on the timeline somewhere between Book 3 and Book 4 of the Alexanders but are completely independent.

1. Tank
2. Finn
3. Gabe
4. Zack
5. Luke

My co-written books are independent of these so you can read them separately.

1. Broken Trust
2. Broken Ties
3. Broken Promise
4. Broken Sin
5. Broken Vows