Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about The Alexanders series and my writing.


Q: The Blue-Collar Billionaires are a great spin-off of the Alexanders. But what about their dad being sick? Is Max going to die? You wouldn’t really kill a character, would you?

A: Um, no comment.


Q: How are the Alexanders and Blue-Collar Billionaires series related? Do I have to read both to understand what’s going on?

A: The BCB series starts with the story of Tank Marshall. Tank is an employee and friend of Eli Alexander (All I Need is You: Book 4 of the Alexanders). Tank also has a cameo in Say You Will: Book 5 of the Alexanders. Another character who hops between both worlds is Sasha Whitman. She’s the best friend of Eli’s love interest and plays a big part in their book. Sasha is also the heroine of Book 3 of the BCB series (GABE).

Even though there is a lot of overlap and the stories are taking place concurrently, you don’t need to read both to know what’s going on. Each series was written so the books could be read independently.


Q: How many books can we expect in the Alexanders series?

A: I’m thrilled to keep writing them as long as you guys keep asking for them. Currently, there are six full-length novels and two novellas.  After that, who knows? Do you guys want to read about their black sheep cousins who live in West Haven? (Grant Alexander in particular is just screaming for his own story).

If so, let me know by leaving a review on the books you’ve read! The more fan appreciation I see for a series, the more sense it makes to continue it.


Q: This series would make a great movie/TV show/miniseries. Can you make that happen?

A: I would love for that to happen. If you know anybody in Hollywood, put in a good word for me!


Q: When is the next book in the Alexanders going to be available? How come it’s not available now?! Why does it take so long?!

A: Writing a book is an intensive process and definitely not a paint by number experience. I wish I could say exactly when each book will be available ahead of time but each book is different. Some are easier than others or require more/less research. The only thing I can say for sure is that I take each book seriously and will only release it when I feel that it’s the best story it can be. My characters and my readers deserve nothing less than my very best.


Q: Where do you get your ideas?

A: The idea factory! Only 9.99! LOL. Honestly, I have no idea. Pretty much I’m minding my business and then I fall into these extended daydreams about the characters that annoy me until I write them down. Some characters reveal themselves instantly like fireworks (Yes, I’m talking about you, Nick) and others reveal themselves in layers that I have to discover piece by piece (here’s looking at you, Gabe).  Either way, I’m just grateful that I get to go along for the ride.


Q: Are you doing any book signings this year? Will you come to my city?

A: Each year I try to participate in a book signing in a different part of the country if possible. I won’t be able to reach everyone but I’m trying to get around as much as I can! You can always see where I’ll be appearing on my Events page.