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The next day I arrive at the address listed on the contract and stand outside just staring up at the imposing building. On the outskirts of downtown Norfolk, it’s obviously been recently renovated. 

My fingers curl around the tight band of my pencil skirt. Usually I’m wearing the same basic uniform as the rest of the maids, casual clothing covered by a green and yellow Maid-4-U apron that Daphne designed for us last year. 

But today, I’m here to bring the signed contract to the client and see the area we’ll be working in. I have to look professional. Put together. 

I swallow against a wave of nerves and run my hands over my hair again. The unruly red curls tend to have a mind of their own so I’ve pulled them back into a low bun. I can’t screw up this job. This could be the start of a whole new wave of luck for our business. Daphne is the optimist, but secretly I’m starting to agree with her that this new deal is a sign.  

Our luck is finally changing. 

After my moment of self-reflection, I walk into the lobby. It’s not as impressive as I imagined it would be. Considering the amount of money we’ve been offered to clean this place, I was expecting solid gold floors and diamond-encrusted door handles. But it’s just a plain entryway painted builder white. 

There’s a man behind the counter. I nod at him and then take a seat on one of the couches in the waiting area. Mr. Stevens is supposed to meet me here and take me up so I can see the property and meet the owner. 

After about ten minutes, I pull out my cell phone. Where is he? 

What is it with rich people? They always think everyone else should be on their timetable. It makes me think about Andrew. He’d done this type of thing often. He would rush me along but consistently show up late or not at all when I needed him. The only time he’d really shown emotion was anytime someone mentioned my ex-boyfriend.

I close my eyes. 

Even now, years later, just the thought of him is enough to bring tears to my eyes. My sweet, Finn

His family lived in the same trailer park and we’d shared the experience of being the trash from the wrong side of the tracks at our school. He’d been my first kiss, my first love. My first everything. Then after school he’d gone off to the army and things had never been the same.

I’m suddenly pulled from my thoughts by the sound of my name. The man behind the front desk is standing now, peering at me with interest. 

“Miss Blake?”

“Yes, that’s me.” 

“Mr. Stevens just called. He told me to let you up immediately.” He stands and walks to the elevator. I follow him on and then watch as he inserts a key from the massive ring in his hand. He twists it and then punches the button for the twelfth floor. I watch in surprise as he steps back out. Before I can say anything, the doors close and the elevator hurtles upward. 

The nerves I felt downstairs come back full force when the doors open with a ding. I step out of the elevator and into a hallway. There are doors at the end of the hallway in both directions. I let out a little sigh. It all seems a little rude, to summon me up here but not have anyone waiting to show me where to go.

I look down the hallway to my left. The door to 15B is partially open.  That must be it, then. I walk down the hall, my feet sinking into the deep luxurious carpet. When I push open the door, it doesn’t make a sound.


I walk inside and then stop in awe. It’s so beautiful. I never even knew apartments like this existed in Norfolk. 

The ceilings are much higher than normal. They must be at least fifteen feet high. There are two large, deeply stuffed couches angled to face the windows. To my left is a beautiful gourmet kitchen with tall, cherry cabinets and gleaming stainless steel appliances. There’s a hallway to the side that must lead to the bedrooms. 

I’m going to be working here? 

As I look around in wonder, I have to ask why the owner even hired me. The place looks pristine already. 

There must be some mistake. Maybe the owner just wanted to meet here so we could talk about the contract before he shows me the apartments in the building that actually need cleaning. But even still, I’m sure the other apartments in the building must be lovely, too. 

“Hello? Sir?”

It hits me then that I don’t even know the owner’s name. Mr. Stevens has been my contact throughout this entire process and although there was a company name on the contract, I didn’t even think to ask the name of the representative the company would be sending over. 

“Do you like the view?”

The deep voice comes from the shadows of the hallway. Even though I just called out for someone, it startles me. And all at once, it reminds me there’s no one else here. When I agreed to this meeting, it was under the assumption that Mr. Stevens would be present as well.  But now I’m alone with some man I’ve never met. 

A man with a voice that’s both haunting and terrifying.

“I do. This is a beautiful place,” I answer, hoping he’ll come out from the hallway so I can see what he looks like. 

I really hope he’s not creepy or some kind of jerk, the way Tara thought. But even if he is, I’ll have to deal with it because we can’t afford to lose this contract. 

“I bought it just this year. I enjoy surrounding myself with beautiful things.” 

His words are strangely inappropriate yet I’m enthralled. I should be angling closer to the door so I can get the hell out of here if he does anything weird. But I can’t move. There’s something about his voice. The way he speaks. It’s familiar and heartbreaking all at once. 

“You pulled your hair back. Hair like yours should never be restrained.”

Even before he steps forward, my traitorous heart skips a beat. How could I ever forget that voice, the voice that promised I’d never be alone, that he’d always be there? That we’d be a team. The voice that told me I was everything before I was foolish enough to throw it all away.


Blue-Collar Billionaires

Inheriting billions from the father they never knew sounds pretty sweet. Until they find out what he really wants in exchange. 

Tank :  Fake Dating the billionaire’s son should have been easy. He’s a bad boy and not my type. But he’s also loyal and kind with an unexpected soft spot for rescue cats. Suddenly all I want is for this “fake” love to be real.

Finn : When she left me, I had nothing. Now I have it all: money, cars and most importantly, power. She’s struggling to save her business, and I’m in the perfect position to save it. For a price. 

Gabe : She thinks I’m arrogant and cocky as hell. She’s right. A reformed con artist and a perfect little princess don’t belong together. But I still can’t leave her alone.

Zack : She’s my brother’s ex. Off limits. But she needs a nude model for her show so I’m taking one for the team. Turns out she needs more than just my picture…

Luke : My online BFF is the only hacker better than I am. Then I’m asked to consult on a hacking case for the FBI and the hauntingly beautiful suspect seems to know a lot about me. Things I’ve only told one other person…

Blue-Collar Christmas : Emma has a plan to bring the high-rolling billionaire Marshall brothers back to their roots with the perfect blue-collar Christmas.  But as presents go off course and secrets are revealed, it turns out the “perfect” Christmas has a price tag no one expected…

~ a USA TODAY bestseller ~

When she left me, I had nothing. Now I have it all: money, cars and most importantly: power.

Power to track down the woman who left me for a richer man.

She’s struggling to save her business, and I’m in the perfect position to save it. For a price. Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy damn near everything else. Including the opportunity for me to get some sweet revenge.

Except the more time I spend with the one that got away, the less I care about retribution.