Birthday Cake (Ebook)

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Book 1

“So, how fast can you get ready to go?” Trent folded his coat over the arm of the couch. He looked around her place curiously. She changed things often, bringing home stray furniture found at a thrift store or adding weird knickknacks picked up on eBay.

Her place reflected her eclectic spirit. Bright, wildly patterned furniture clashed with the mint green wall behind the couch. He’d helped her paint the crazy color just a few months ago. She’d said she was going for “energetic.” He thought it looked like a bag of skittles exploded all over the place.

“Well, I was thinking maybe we could just stay in.” Mara flopped down on the couch and curled up with her legs tucked under her. In that position, her top stretched tight across her breasts. He could see tiny indentations where her nipples pressed against the fabric. 

Fuck, he was so screwed.

“I know you had something planned but I really don’t feel like going out. Do you mind?”

Trent blinked a few times and then dragged his gaze away. He glanced around desperately. There was a yoga video playing on her TV and the lamp on the side table next to the couch cast a soft amber glow across the room. A warm smell emanated from the kitchen, making his mouth water. 

“You cooked?” 

She sat up and threw one of the fluffy green pillows on the couch at him. “Yes, I cooked. You don’t have to sound so surprised. I made some lasagna. I figured we could eat here. You know, Netflix and chill.”

His eyes swung to hers. She smiled innocently. Did she… not know what Netflix and chill meant? His mouth was instantly dry as dust at the thought of pushing her down on that couch and pulling those little shorts off with his teeth. 

But no, she was watching him with a completely calm expression. 

Jesus, she probably thought Netflix and chill actually meant watch a movie and relax. And he wasn’t going to be the perverted ass who enlightened her. So he just nodded. 

A smile spread across her face and his heart turned over a little. He looked away and tucked his hands in his pockets. If something as simple as staying in put that look on her face, he’d gladly do it. 

Trent sat on the edge of a dainty wing chair. Somewhere in the kitchen there was a soft ding and Mara hopped up. 

“The oven’s warmed up. I need to put the lasagna in. Do you want a beer while we wait?” 

His gaze followed the sway of her hips as she rushed to the kitchen. 

“Trent? Hello, earth to Trent.” Mara stood in the doorway to the kitchen, waving her hands back and forth like an air traffic controller.

He looked up, heat flooding his cheeks as he met her gaze. “What?”

“A beer. You. Want. One?” She said the words slowly. 

Great, now she thought he was an idiot.

He gulped and nodded furiously. “Sure. A beer. Right.”

She narrowed her eyes at him before turning into the kitchen. As soon as she was out of sight, Trent’s strained smile fell.

It was Matt’s first year in the service and he worried about Mara being alone so much, especially on their birthday. Their parents weren’t keen on traveling from Florida again so soon after the holidays and Mara couldn’t get the vacation time to fly down to them. Trent no longer had a girlfriend so it hadn’t been any imposition to spend a little time with Mara. He’d arranged a perfectly safe birthday dinner in a public restaurant. They’d eat, dance a little and head home, end of story. 

The plan did not include a cozy dinner for two, followed by a movie on the couch with only a remote control as chaperone.

And it definitely didn’t include licking her from the top of her head to her pretty little purple-painted toes.

NOTE: You will receive two versions of the audiobook. The first is narrated by Andrew Heyl. The second is a version done with digital narration in a female voice. 

The Alexanders and Friends

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The original novella where it all began! Start reading the USA Today bestselling Alexanders series today! Over 1/2 Million+ copies sold!

Take my best friend’s sister out for her birthday.  How hard can that be?

My best friend is deployed and he worries about his little sister being alone. But I don’t mind taking her out for her birthday. I’ve had years of experience pretending that Mara isn’t my every fantasy come to life. I just have to remember the rules. 

1. Keep my hands off her ridiculously curvy body.

2. Refer to rule number one.

There’s just one problem. Mara has her own ideas about what we should do. And it turns out she wants to taste a hell of a lot more than just birthday cake.

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