Blue Collar Billionaires Boxset

The 6x USA TODAY bestselling series from the RITA© Award winning author of Bad Blood.
Available for a limited time – all 5 books in 1 volume!

Fake Date the Billionaire? It’s the chance of a lifetime. Too bad the guy in question drives me crazy. Tank is blunt and reckless but he’s also loyal and has an unexpected soft spot for rescue cats. But this Faustian bargain carries its own price. Because once Tank finds out why I’m here, he’ll never look at me the same way again.

I’m a bodyguard. Taking care of people is what I do. But I can’t protect my family from the biggest threat of all: my father. The bastard thinks his money is all that matters but he kept secrets that change everything. Their names are Gabriel, Zachary and Lucas. Three half-brothers I’ve never met. And what he really wants from us I could have never seen coming.

When she left me, I had nothing. Now I have it all: money, cars and most importantly, the power to track down the woman who left me for a richer man. She’s struggling to save her business, and I’m in the perfect position to save it. For a price. Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy the one thing I want more than anything else. Revenge.

There’s a saying, ‘He could sell a dildo to a nun.’ (What? Isn’t that how it goes?) Well, that’s me. Hell, I could sell it to her and make her think it was HER idea. The only one who sees through my games is Sasha Whitman. She deserves a hell of a lot better than me but I can’t stay away from her. And for the first time I wonder if I’m not more like my con-artist father than anyone knows.

I’ve broken the ultimate bro-code. Thou shalt not fall for your brother’s girl. Or ex-girl. Whatever. But Josie is a photographer and she needs a model for her show, so I’m taking one for the team. Turns out she wants more than just my picture…

There’s only one hacker alive better than I am, my online buddy C7pher. Now that I’m heir to a billionaire, I thought we’d build coding schools for kids or at least finally meet in person. I wasn’t prepared for him to disappear. Or to discover that the hauntingly beautiful suspect in the case I’m consulting on for the FBI seems to know a lot about me. Things I’ve only told one other person…