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Book 2


Something tickles my nose and I open my eyes. Sunlight streams through the curtains I forgot to close last night. Drapes were definitely the last thing on my mind when we stumbled into this room.

I blink sleepily and peer around the unfamiliar room. Kate is a miracle worker. Seriously, best assistant ever. Who else could I call and ask for a new hotel room and have the digital key on my app less than ten minutes later? Amazing. 

Not sure what miracle she pulled off to have a room ready for me that fast but I don’t care. All I care about is the results. There was no way I could bring Casey up to the Presidential Suite after spending so much effort to get her to see me as a regular guy. 

And she did. She knows nothing of what I do for a living or about the money or the fame. To her, I’m just a guy with slightly bad fashion sense who seems to bump into her a lot. And yet, she likes me anyway.

My chest warms when I think about her and that’s when it hits me. My head whips to the right, the space where Casey should be. 

The space that contains nothing but rumpled sheets and a pillow. 

Suddenly wide awake, I sit straight up and kick the blanket off. I’m still naked but I don’t care about that as I walk over to the bathroom and knock on the door. When I open it, it’s empty. Heart pumping now, I run to the door of the room and step out into the hall.

“Oh my!” 

There’s a middle-aged couple in the hall pushing a baby in a stroller. The mother covers her mouth in surprise but her eyes drop to my dick swinging in the wind. The father scowls at me and then puts his hand over his wife’s eyes. 

“Sorry.” I close the door and lean back against it. There’s no way around it. 

Casey left. 

Perplexed, I stalk around the room staring at the rumpled bed linens as if they can give me the answers. Did I do something to scare her away? It’s not bragging to say that I’ve never had a woman run out on me before. Usually, morning afters consist of round four or five of sex followed by a leisurely brunch. 

Then I’m usually the one trying to find a tactful way to escape. 

But this … I don’t know what to make of this. She ditched me! The more I think about it, the more absurd it seems. As I’m pacing, my foot runs over something and I lean down to pick it up. My blood heats when I see what it is. The panties I peeled off Casey last night. 

I chuckle, only now able to see the design on the cotton. Purple and pink unicorns cover the fabric. As pissed off as I am, I can’t help laughing. Only Casey could wear such unsexy panties and still have me panting for more. Maybe it’s a metaphor for this whole situation. She’s like this mythical creature that I’ve only dreamed up. Hell, maybe I had one too many beers last night and the whole thing was a dream.

Then I’m hit with a visceral memory of her tight, wet heat as I slid inside her, the way she moaned in my ear and shuddered beneath me every time she came. 

That wasn’t a dream. It was the best damn sex I’ve ever had. And instead of enjoying more of it, I’m standing in the middle of a basic hotel room with a stiff dick holding the most ridiculous panties I’ve ever seen.

My phone is still on the nightstand where I put it last night. I’m checking for messages when it hits me. We never exchanged numbers. I don’t even think I got her last name. I look over at her side of the bed again and that’s when I see the note propped up on the other nightstand. I crawl over the bed and snatch it eagerly. It’s just two lines scrawled on the hotel stationery.

Last night was amazing. 

You really are my lucky charm. 

I stare at the paper in disbelief. That’s it? Just two lines and she didn’t even sign her name? 

Then I see that she’s written something on the outside. When I peer closer what I see scrawled there only makes me feel worse. 

No, what I see written there makes my blood boil. 

“Who the fuck is Andrew?”

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  • 1.5 – The Text – Milo + Mya
  • 2 – Ask Me – Andre + Casey
  • 2.5 – Tell Me- Andre + Casey
  • 3 – Want Me – Law + Anya
  • 4 – Need Me – Vin + Ariana


Holiday Stories

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Ding Dong I’ve Been Ditched 


I’m that guy. The one women want and other men want to be.

Arrogant? Maybe.

Accurate? Abso-F’ing-lutely.

So when my brother dares me to hit on women as a regular guy, I’m up for the challenge. It turns out quite a few ladies like ripped jeans just as much as haute couture. Except for one. Casey. Nothing I do impresses this girl which only makes me want her more. For the first time, I’m smitten.

Until she ditches me after a night of intense passion.


If it’s possible to screw up a good thing, I’m the girl who’ll figure out how. So when I get a new job, I celebrate with one last night of fun before focusing on climbing the corporate ladder. 

Until my night of fun walks into the office and I discover who he really is. My firm’s biggest client and my new nightmare.

Egotistical, entitled and infuriating, Andre Lavin is not making it easy for me to ignore him. In a battle of wills, we’ll see who can hold out the longest. 

And who is still standing at the end.

ASK ME is the kind of outrageous romantic comedy that will have you clutching your pearls and laughing until you cry! This standalone romance features crossover characters from the USA TODAY bestselling book BEG ME.