She’s my brother’s ex. OFF LIMITS!

But she needs a nude model for her show so I’m taking one for the team.

Turns out she needs more than just my picture…

I may look like a thug but underneath I’m all about family. My brother, Gabe, is the popular one but I’ve never envied anything he has. Except for Josephine Harlow. 

From now on I’m living life full throttle. First: find a nude model for my next photo series. Next: get rid of my pesky V-card. No more trying to gain my family’s approval. They all think I’m in love with my high school best friend. Instead I dream of his brother, tattooed, Mohawked mechanic Zachary Marshall.

He annoys me and we fight constantly but worst of all, he only sees me as “Gabe’s girl”. Until Zack makes the most shocking offer of all, to be the model for my show. 

And the first man in my bed.