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You Ruin Everything (Ebook)
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A hilarious new standalone romantic comedy about starting over and failing upward!

He’s grumpy. He’s shirtless. He’s good with his hands… He’s also my best friend’s brother and the bane of my existence.

Swinging a hammer does not make up for being grumpy and shirtless all the time. But Hendrix Evers thinks renovating my Gran’s run-down Victorian is the perfect reason to let him move-in for the summer. Everyone sees this hardworking, small town hero, but I know the truth.

He’s rude, juvenile and has a long history of ruining things for me.

But somehow I’ve become the family breadwinner and the adoptive mom to a pug with anger issues so I need all the help I can get. Surely we can co-exist for one summer without burning the house down, right?

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🤍 City girl in a small town
🤍 Grumpy / Sunshine ☀️
🤍 Enemies to Lovers
🤍 Quirky Victorian House
🤍 Puppy 🐶 with anger issues


I groaned, the sound mixing with the steam in the room as I shuddered violently, the image of her getting herself off finally taking me over the edge.

I opened my eyes and then cursed. I wasn’t supposed to be imagining that she-devil when I was f–king my hand. It was like I couldn’t even escape her when I was by myself.

Furious at my loss of control, I washed quickly using Charlie’s girly body wash that smelled like peaches. With a flick of my wrist, I turned the water off and carefully pulled the curtain back.

Just then the door suddenly burst open, and Charlie paused in the doorframe.

At the sight of her my d–k filled again, as if I hadn’t just come like a train five seconds before. I groaned. If this was what I was in for every time we crossed paths, it was going to be a very long summer.

“Oh!” she said before looking down.

With the curtain pushed back there was nothing to shield me as her eyes dropped from my face down to my chest.

Then lower.

“Oh my god!” She blinked several times before her hand clenched on the doorknob.

Having her this close when the remnants of my fantasy were so fresh in my mind was torture. I couldn’t have her in here staring at my d–k when I could still see dream Charlotte on her knees with her tongue out.

She needed to get gone.


“This is the part where you close the door.”

“Right. Of course.” She nodded frantically.  Her big brown eyes looked a little glassy and unfocused.

When she still didn’t move, I couldn’t resist messing with her a little.

“Unless you plan on joining me. In which case you should lose the clothes.”


I pulled the door closed with a loud bang. For a moment I just stood in the hallway, my heart racing.

His bedroom door was closed so I had assumed he was in his room. And who takes a shower without closing the door all the way?

I groaned, remembering the smug look on his face when he caught me staring at his junk. Such a cocky asshole. How did he know I wasn’t looking because it was crooked or something? 

If only. But no, the universe wasn’t that kind. Hendrix Evers had the face of an angel and a body made for sin. He’d filled out over the years in all the right places. That was the body of a man who did physical labor on a routine basis. The kind who would have rough hands. I shivered at the thought.

Then I shook my head. 

No. No. No. 

We are not thinking about stupid Hendrix or his stupid, rough man hands. 

He was clearly just trying to embarrass me, and I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction. 

When the bathroom door finally opened, Rix was thankfully dressed. 

Maybe we need to be clearer about the rules,” I yelled.

He scoffed. “What did I do? You’re the one who just invaded my privacy, remember? Maybe I don’t feel safe. Maybe you’re trying to steal my virtue.”

Oh my god. 

I wanted to strangle him.

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