My cock-a-doodle-doo won’t crow.

Yeah, I can’t believe it either. The traitor. But he only wants my co-worker. My competition.

Spoiler Alert – she hates me.

When I find out she’s never been to O-town, we make a little wager. I’ll win the client and prove that multiple’s are NOT a myth.

Until I realize I finally care about something more than winning…

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Spicy office romance. Get ready to laugh in inappropriate places!

Book 1 – Beg Me (enemies to lovers)
My rooster will only crow for my co-worker. My rival. When we have to fake an engagement to impress a client — we just might kill each other pretending to be lovers.  

Book 2 – Ask Me (one night stand)

When I get a new job, I celebrate with one last night of fun before focusing on climbing the corporate ladder. Until my night of fun walks into the office and I discover who he really is. 

Book 3 – Want Me (grumpy boss)

Banging your boss is a bad idea. I know. He loves our no strings attached arrangement… until I remind him that if he’s not my boyfriend the position is open for someone else. 

Book 4 – Need Me (second chance)

Happily ever after is overrated and I love to send guys running. Until I meet my match. But this one has the power to ruin my bestie’s career, so I’ll have to try the scariest thing of all. Being myself.




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“I’m sure all the women on our team have mentally planned their dream wedding, even if they aren’t married.” I send a panicked glance at Mya.

This would be a really good fucking time for her to pipe in with some story of how she’s been dreaming of her wedding dress since she was a little girl.

Unfortunately, Andre seems to be following my line of thought because he turns directly to Mya, too. “If you were planning a wedding, for example,” he says, “wouldn’t you want a wedding planner who was married?”

Mya pauses with her water glass halfway to her mouth. “Well, yes. I suppose I would.”

James just blinks. Wallace pauses mid-chew with a piece of iceberg lettuce hanging from his lip. The whole table seems stunned into silence. She didn’t mean to say that, and everyone can see it on her face. But in a rare, caught-off-guard moment, Mya has done the unforgivable.

She’s been honest.

An awkward silence descends over the table. James takes another gulp from his scotch. Across from me, members of the Lavin team exchange significant glances before taking an interest in their plates.

Worst of all, Andre Lavin just looks amused.

Meanwhile, Mya looks devastated.

You know how sometimes you can look back and identify the precise moment you fucked up? Well, later tonight I’m sure I’ll be remembering the exact second I pushed us all off the cliff together.

“I agree,” I state loudly.

James chokes slightly, and Wallace pounds him on the back. I ignore his panicked look and keep my eyes on Mr. Lavin.

“I agree with Mya,” I repeat in case anyone at the table missed it the first time I pushed my career in front of a bus. “Having a married wedding planner would be great. Although I’d be more concerned about the people actually doing the work. That’s really what sets Mirage apart.”

By now, everyone is staring at me, especially James, probably wondering where the hell I’m going with this.

Mya, however, is watching me with a small, tremulous smile on her face. Like she can’t believe that I’m backing her up right now. And damn if that smile isn’t what does me in.

Because I don’t just bet on distracting Mr. Lavin, I double down and take it all the way to the bank.

“Mirage is really the best fit for anything to do with weddings. After all, it’s the only agency I know with two team leads that are in love and engaged to be married.” I turn to Mya and whisper, “Just go with it.”

Then I tilt my head slightly and brush my lips over hers.


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✔️ Purchase the ebooks!

✔️ You will receive a download link from Bookfunnel via email. Their help desk is always available at

✔️ Read on your phone, your facorite e-reader or on the Bookfunnel app!